A Dektas Throwback: Taste Buds Love LaRosa’s!

The research showed it…people really like the taste of LaRosa’s pizza. So Mike Dektas (President of Creative Storm) and Michel Keidel (Creative Storm Broadcast Director) went to work creating one of Cincinnati’s famous TV campaigns: “Dancing Taste Buds” singing a memorable tune, while dancing in a giant mouth! “The food category has always been super competitive,” said Dektas. “But we knew LaRosa’s had a great product, and that people really love the taste of their pizza. So we just wanted to drive home that point in a memorable way.” The ad was filmed by Joe Pipher, who worked on filming The Godfather with Francis Ford Coppolla. The LaRosa’s Taste Buds campaign increased sales, won many advertising awards, and yes, is remembered as a famous Cincinnati marketing campaign all across the Tri-State.

Take a look at the video and enjoy a retro look into Cincinnati advertising.