Creative Storm a Keynote Speaker at 55th Annual National Banking Symposium

Cost Effective Marketing Ideas Shared with Bank Presidents & CEOs

January 2022 - At the recent Southeastern Conference of Community Bankers Banking Symposium in Key West, FL, Mike Dektas, Creative Storm Managing Partner, was a Keynote Speaker sharing effective marketing programs with Community Bank Presidents & CEOs. Posing the question, “Can Community Banks use marketing to compete with big mega banks?,” the Creative Storm presentation emphatically answered “Absolutely.” (PIC OF DAVID AND GOLIATH FROM PRESENTATION – CAPTION: “David used strategy to slay Goliath”

A 5-Step Easy Plan was outlined for Community Banks:

You know:

1. What Product to Sell

2. Who buys the product

3. Why customers buy the product

Creative Storm knows:

4. How to reach the target buyer

5. How to build, drive & measure the campaign

Ryan McCurley, Peoples First Savings Bank President & CEO

Ryan McCurley, President & CEO of Peoples First Savings Bank, was a featured speaker in Creative Storm’s presentation.

“Creative Storm listened to our needs and created effective marketing for us,” said McCurley.”Our marketing program helped us add new online banking customers and increased our zero closing cost loans.” Creative Storm specializes in community bank marketing, using many big data sources to determine what device, tactic and screen to best reach current and potential bank customers. Data sources used by Creative Storm include VISA, Experian and Nielsen Catalina Solutions among others.

Mike Vynalek,President & CEO of Citizens National Bank.

“We connected with Creative Storm at the bank symposium and we’re glad we did,” said Mike Vynalek, President & CEO of Citizens National Bank. “We are now ready to market all of our bank products, targeting in on new prospects, with solutions customized for just us.”

Focused on helping America’s community banks to become “Market Leaders” through cost -effective Marketing, Creative Storm is scheduled to make additional presentations later this month at ICBA Live, the ICBA’s national convention, as well as the Ohio Bankers League (OBL) in Nashville, TN in June.