Gulf Atlantic Bank, Key West MarketZone Targeted Campaign

Creative Storm recently launched a new hyper-targeted bank campaign for Gulf Atlantic Bank in Key West, Florida.

The on-location filming featured bank CEO Bryan Robinson, giving the targeted message: “When it comes to your business banking, forget the out-of-town and mega banks. Gulf Atlantic Bank is right here in Key West for you.”

This targeted TV message is running throughout Key West, Florida and all across Monroe County, the bank’s trade area. Streaming and addressable digital media follow Gulf Atlantic’s customers, and offer digital banking and mobile banking access.

A key business segment for Creative Storm are Community Banks across America. The Creative Storm “MarketZone” targeted approach for these banks focuses on each bank’s primary business area, using zoned TV ads, addressable digital videos, streaming ads and more.

The Gulf Atlantic Bank campaign is the seventh targeted Community Bank campaign created by Creative Storm.

“It is important to have the real, actual bank CEO appear in these super targeted campaigns,” said Mike Dektas, Creative Storm Managing Partner. “Every bank we have worked with have customers and prospects that know and recognize the bank’s CEO. This is a personal campaign – an effective, personal campaign!”

“We are very excited to create awareness for our business banking services,” said Bryan Robinson, President & CEO Gulf Atlantic Bank. “Creative Storm creates focused, targeted advertising, an approach that positions our strengths to our customers.”

The MarketZone Community Bank approach was created by a strong Creative Storm experienced banking Advisory Team, which includes three CEO’s of Community Banks.

“We want to make sure our approach is exactly what Community Banks need,” continued Dektas. “With the Advisory Team we have, we can achieve just that.”

The targeted Gulf Atlantic Bank MarketZone campaign launch date is July 11th.