Peoples First Savings Bank – Creative Promotion for Increased Customers

Peoples First Savings Bank partnered with Creative Storm to attract new customers as well as drive more business from existing ones. A multi-media campaign was targeted to customers and prospects. And the campaign has been producing exciting results!

Creative messaging includes the offer of zero closing costs on mortgages. In a creative TV role, an executive of Peoples answers customers’ questions: Zip? Zero? ZILCH!!! Ryan McCurley, Peoples CEO, delivers a convincing story as he confirms the Peoples “Person -to-Person” message of the campaign.

Attracting a Younger Customer – and Co-Promoting with Penn Station

An important part of the Peoples First campaign was targeted to younger customers, opening online accounts. As a bonus incentive, Creative Storm and Peoples worked with Penn Station. Ryan McCurley, bank CEO, invites viewers to “open a Peoples online account, and I’ll buy you a Free Penn Station.” New online accounts have risen, and the bank credits the creative Penn Station co-promotion as a big part of that.

Digital Messaging Follow Customers in Their Daily Lives

The Peoples First campaign also included digital targeted advertising. The videos appeared in streaming video form, online videos and digital display advertising. Facebook ads of the Peoples marketing campaign received high click-through rates. Bank customers and prospects caught the advertising on iPhones, tablets and laptops…a campaign for today’s busy bank customer!