Streaming TV – Creative Storm Reaches Your Target Audience With the Precision Of Connected TV

It’s never been more important to target your customers. And streaming TV is just the answer.

As part of the “media mix funnel,” streaming TV offers many benefits to your media strategy. First off, make choices using contextual data, like the type of programming and networks your prospect watches. And then there’s the fact that streaming can be watched on all screens: TV, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So your customers are seeing your message where and when they want.

When streaming TV is used as part of a media mix that also includes linear TV and online display, a funnel effect is created…leading to a sale.

Creative Storm is also using AI to sharpen the focus of streaming media choices.

It all adds up to a marketing technique for today, and tomorrow. Call Creative Storm at 513-234-0560 to get started today!