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Broadcast campaign

American Savings Bank, headquartered for over 125 years in Portsmouth was expanding with locations in Greater Cincinnati. The bank prides itself on being unique and different from other banks. American and Creative Storm partnered to create a TV launch campaign to drive awareness and bank traffic.

In the TV commercial, American CEO, Jack Kuntz gives his actual personal cell phone number, challenging the viewers to call their bank and ask for the CEO’s personal cell phone, and if they don’t give it to you, call me!

Media launched at 11:50 pm on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve program. By 12:20 am, Jack had received many calls, not all pranks…3 became customers. Literally hundreds of calls continued to come in over the next few weeks. The campaign ran for a year. It has received national media coverage in American Banker Magazine.

American Banker article
ASB billboards

A Personal Cell Phone Number on a Billboard

American partnered with Creative Storm to create a truly unique approach. Showing a large photo of the bank CEO was a starting point. The CEO’s personal cell phone number was included in the headline, “I called Jack’s cell.” As the billboard campaign was expanded, well-known bank customers were pictured with Jack Kuntz, bank CEO. A successful campaign, the approach was covered in national bank media as a breakthrough banking marketing campaign.

Honoring our Troops in a Truly American Way

American Savings Bank partnered with Creative Storm to create heartfelt messaging on the radio…a tribute to our veterans. A series of tributes saluted the sacrifices our veterans have made in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. In each case, no mention of banking products or hard-selling was made. The team met with veterans of each war to get verbiage that they felt represented them, to make sure the tributes were authentic. Each tribute simply ended with a tag “American salutes our veterans.” The tributes ran over Veterans Day weekend, and received the most phone calls of any marketing ever run by the bank.

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