Evans Farm

Evans Farm Living brochure  cover

New urbanism

A targeted, coordinated campaign

Evans Farm Land Development is breaking new ground with the launch of a New Urbanism community in Ohio. Evans Farm partnered with Creative Storm to create a lifestyle look representing that concept. A targeted direct mail campaign went out to prospects, while new brochures were created for follow up. The launch of the community was successful, as 90% of the Phase I homesites were pre-sold.

A naturally attractive feel

Evans Farm Land Development partnered with Creative Storm to develop a logo which reflects the community’s commitment to natural sustainability. Evans Farm is dedicated to a “walkable community concept,” farm-to-table healthy food choices, and an overall community feel. The new Evans Farm logo grew from those important position statements.

Evans Farm Brochure Inside
Evans Farm video stills

Video to tell the Evans Farm message

Relax, Enjoy, Connect Through Video

Telling a message that is multi-dimensional can best be achieved through video. Evans Farm teamed with Creative Storm to create the environment of “front porch living” through a new video. Images and sound track dramatize the multitude of benefits of the community. It is all tied together with the theme… “Enjoy, Relax, Connect.”

Targeted Direct Mail to Launch the Opening of the Community

Creative Storm developed a qualified prospect list of homebuyers in the immediate counties of Evans Farm. PR had led the way and many people were anticipating the opening of the community. A direct mail postcard was created, inviting prospects to “be among the first to experience Evans Farm.” The Grand Opening event was a success, as Evans Farm sold out the phase one home sites during the event. It was a coordinated marketing plan to launch the community.

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