Macys marquee

Marquee impact for Macy's guests

Macy’s recently partnered with Creative Storm to develop impactful environmental graphics for the corporate lobby. Guests are greeted by the Macy’s supergraphic, as well as branding messages for both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. The familiar Macy’s star and red color is the focal point. Dimensional installation brings impact to the entire Marquee. Since its installation, Macy’s has received many complimentary comments from corporate executives, employees and public guests alike.

Macy's environmental design

Supergraphics make a special work environment

Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s partnered with Creative Storm to create 80-foot wall supergraphics that highlight Macy’s outstanding service and great listening skills. The graphics using Macy’s branded colors and look are a great example of today’s consumer-centric retail philosophies. Uplifting solid messaging. Today’s Macy’s.

Macys supergraphics
Macys holiday lobby

Macy’s first impressions

Christmas and Macy’s are synonomous

Macy’s partnered with Creative Storm to create a lobby environment in their Cincinnati corporate facilities that demonstrate the strong bond between Macy’s and Christmas. Lobby enlargements of Macy’s shoppers montaged with the familiar Macy’s branded red star, greet visitors upon arrival to the Macy’s offices. A pleasant, warm, inviting atmosphere.

Living well – a Macy’s commitment

Graphics of encouragement

Macy’s teamed with Creative Storm to create a “Live Healthy” branding theme for Macy’s staff and visitors. The result has been increased productivity with health-related topics.

Macys wellness signage
Macys training room graphics

Macy's environmental design

Bringing Macy’s excitement to locations across the country

Macy’s Inc. set out to bring the tradition and excitement that is truly Macy’s to several of their locations across the country. Macy’s partnered with Creative Storm, and together “The Macy’s Message” was brought to locations in Arizona, Florida and Ohio.

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