OPC brochure cover

A world leader

Literature to reflect leadership

Oregon Potato Company (OPC) partnered with Creative Storm to make sure their market presence was reflected in print. Beautiful photography showing the grower fields and colorful vegetables and fruits highlight the graphics. The OPC sales force was able to work easily from these well-positioned marketing tools.

Organizer brochure for customization

OPC and Creative Storm teamed to develop an organizer brochure which allows customization. The color brochure features the complete line of OPC family of companies products. A gatefold design, the brochure is highlighted by a center pocket allowing customization of inserts for the vast array of OPC domestic and international customers.

OPC brochure inside
OPC trade show banner

Trade show branding

OPC and Creative Storm designed a traveling display which ties in the look, feel and branding of the OPC marketing. A compact design, the display is easily transported to trade shows, offers quick and easy setup, and beautifully displays the many fresh OPC vegetables and fruits in full color.

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