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Thomas More University Nursing

Timely Financial TV Commercials in a Down Stock Market

Tactical Fund Advisors (TFA) partnered with Creative Storm to produce a TV campaign featuring their four TFA Funds as a solution to lower risk in today’s volatile marketplace.

TFA CEO Drew Horter delivers the message that “a tactical income fund should be part of any portfolio – flexible bond funds to go where the opportunities are!” As TFA is unique in using multiple managers with over 50 years experience, and all supervised by investment professionals, the TFA team is also featured in the video.

Thomas More University Nursing
Thomas More University Nursing

MarketZone TV/Streaming Video

The high-income targeted media campaign includes MarketZone TV and targeted digital streaming, online and addressable video. A QR code in the video takes viewers directly to the TFA investment page online.

This Creative Storm campaign is scheduled to air for 4 months, beginning December 2022.

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